• 100M POE Splitter Cable 15.4W
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100M POE Splitter Cable 15.4W


 It is compatibility for mostly switches. Like that CISCO, HUAWEI, HP, ARUBO SWITCH etc. it is can working with these switches and AP wireless device; Because of our engineer put the protocol on the poe splitter;


 1* 8-Pin RJ45 female input port + 1* RJ45 male output port + 1* DC (5.5*2.1mm) male output port;


 Support IEEE802.3af. Be compatible with Mid Span and End Span;


 Voltage Input Range: 44-57V, Power Output: 15.4W, with over 82% efficiency;


 Support isolation function;


 Default Voltage Output: 12V;


 High Voltage Isolation: 1500V (Input Stage to Output Stage);


 Support protection for Short Circuit, Over-current & Over-temperature;


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