• Wifi 6 Router for Home
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Wifi 6 Router for Home


 EW290 adopts MT7621+MT7905+MT7975 high-performance SoC suite, with 16MB flash memory and 256MB memory, industrial grade circuit design, supports IEEE802.11 A/B /g/ N/AC/AX protocol, and can provide 2.4g 573Mbps+ 5.8g 1201Mbps wireless access speed and 1000Mbps Ethernet switching processing speed. The whole machine can provide a maximum wireless access speed of 1800Mbps. Ultra-high speed wireless makes performance no longer a bottleneck. Enhanced heat dissipation + air duct optimization, no longer due to heat problem downtime in hot summer, fully guarantee the real-time, long-term, stable and efficient transmission of user network data, improve user experience.


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